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Under water Swimming

A few details…

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Dany Kelly, and I have one goal: to help you and your business be better off than it was before you found me.

Norther is a culmination of my passion of helping others be the best they can be while keeping that adventurous spirit alive. To cut a long story short it (cue dreamy rewind) it all started on a flight back to San Francisco…

I was a travel blogger in a previous life and I was travelling back home to Darwin from San Francisco (where I was living at the time) and I took my American friend to visit a very sacred destination to me: Litchfield National Park. I tried to tag the National Park in a photo I posted on Instagram and couldn’t (as they didn’t have an Instagram handle) so on that flight back to San Francisco I thought ‘crikey, I’ll start one!’ and when I landed, I created the account. 

While wallowing in the concrete jungles of San Francisco missing the amazing beauty of the Northern Territory; the cascading waterfalls, the red ochre dirt and the gorgeous sunsets this account kept my spirit alive and it seemed to for others who started to follow. So, I kept reposting beautiful images of the park every day and the Instagram account grew quickly which then led to a Facebook account and now here we are! Ready for me to help you succeed.

I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and am intrigued in human beings and what excites us and what disappoints us. This thirst lends itself to being a person who will be relentless in steering you and your business to success.

Some things you may not know about me….

Swam with sharks (open water no cage and would love to tell you about it)

Was a cattle judge (for dexter cattle not as exciting as above however a basic skill that helped me realise even cows want love)

Labyrinth facilitator (I love labyrinths probably due to growing up in Australia and going walkabout all the time)

When we meet I’d love to hear some fun things I may not know about you and your business.


Dany Kelly