Top Northern Territory Flight Tours Over First Nations Sites

When visiting Kakadu National Park, a scenic flight tour from Cooinda or Jabiru is a must-do. These thrilling flights offer a spectacular perspective on the park’s diverse landscapes, from ancient rock formations to winding rivers and vibrant wetlands. Along with incredible views, it’s a great introduction to the First Nations culture and history in the Northern Territory. 

With both short and long flight options, you’ll have the chance to see the beauty of Kakadu National Park from above, all while learning about its rich history, wildlife, and First Nations culture from experienced pilots.

First Nations Flight Tours in Kakadu National Park

You can learn more about the Bininj/Mungguy Aboriginal people and Jawoyn culture in Kakadu National Park with these exciting helicopter tours. With a birds-eye view, you’ll have the chance to soak up the natural beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

aerial landscapes of the Northern Territory on Cooinda 30 Minute Scenic Flight
Cooinda 30 Minute Scenic Flight

Cooinda 30 Minute Scenic Flight

Take a 30-minute scenic flight from Cooinda for a fantastic view of Kakadu’s stunning landscapes. From above, you’ll see Mount Cahill, Nourlangie Rock’s famous art site, Nourlangie Creek, South Alligator River, and Yellow Waters. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife like birds, buffalo, and maybe even a crocodile in the wetlands. Your pilot provides live and recorded commentary, sharing insights about these ancient lands.

Cooinda 60 Minute Scenic Flight

When you’re in Cooinda, don’t miss the chance to see Kakadu from above. This one-hour flight offers a unique perspective on the area’s stunning landscapes. From the air, you can see how the Yellow Water Billabong feeds into the tidal South Alligator River, revealing the vibrant colors of the floodplains as the river winds towards the sea. The flight takes you over diverse scenery, including rivers, permanent waterholes, rock formations, and ancient escarpments. You’ll have large windows for great views and can enjoy informative commentary from your pilot. It’s an incredible way to appreciate the natural beauty and cultural significance of Kakadu.

Cooinda 60 Minute Scenic Flight

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Jabiru Sunset Spectacular - 60-Minute Scenic Tour

Jabiru Sunset Spectacular – 60-Minute Scenic Tour

The Sunset Spectacular air tour from Jabiru offers a unique way to experience Darwin’s stunning sunsets. On this 60-minute flight, you’ll get to see Kakadu National Park from above, with a guaranteed window seat in a high-wing plane. Offered only in the Dry season (June – November), the tour includes highlights like the Ranger Uranium Mine, Dinosaur Valley, and the Upper East Alligator Valley with its deep fault lines. You’ll follow the East Alligator River, with a chance to spot saltwater crocodiles basking on its banks. The tour wraps up with a flyover of the Magela floodplains and a final look at Jabiru Town, including the famous Crocodile Hotel.

Jabiru 30-Minute Scenic Flight

Take in the stunning views of Kakadu National Park with a 30-minute scenic flight from Jabiru. This affordable trip is perfect for anyone wanting to see the park’s ancient escarpments, winding rivers, and diverse landscapes shaped by 1.8 billion years of erosion. Highlights include The Archway, Arnhem Land Escarpment, East Alligator Valley, Mikinj Valley Billabongs, and Magela flood plains.

aerial view of Kakadu National Park landscapes on Jabiru 30-Minute Scenic Flight
Jabiru 30-Minute Scenic Flight
aerial view of Kakadu National Park on Jabiru 60-Minute Scenic Tour
Jabiru 60-Minute Scenic Tour

Jabiru 60-Minute Scenic Tour

Take to the skies for a 60-minute scenic flight over Kakadu National Park, departing from Jabiru. In the Wet Season (December to May), you’ll see the lush savannah woodlands, wetlands, and the towering sandstone escarpment. Highlights include the Crocodile Hotel, Mt Brockman, and the Burrungkuy rock art site. The grand finale is Jim Jim and Twin Falls, with water thundering down in full force.

During the Dry Season (June to November), the flight covers the Ranger Uranium Mine, Dinosaur Valley, and the East Alligator River, where you might spot saltwater crocs. The journey ends with views of the Magela floodplains and Jabiru Town. Every seat has a window, so you won’t miss a thing.

Kakadu in a Day

This day tour of Kakadu is a perfect blend of adventure and First Nations cultural immersion. Start your journey with a thrilling 1.5-hour scenic flight over the rugged beauty of Adelaide River, Mary River National Park, and Kakadu’s iconic rivers and floodplains. Then, glide through the serene waters of Yellow Water billabong on a 90-minute cruise, spotting diverse wildlife along the way. After lunch at Cooinda Lodge, learn more about the rich heritage of the region at the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre, where stories and artifacts come to life. Whether it’s the dry season’s vast landscapes or the wet season’s lush greenery and cascading waterfalls, Kakadu promises some of the most picture-perfect views in the Northern Territory.

aerial view of waterfalls in Kakadu National Park on Kakadu in a Day
Kakadu in a Day

These are the top First Nations flight tours in the Northern Territory. Along with enjoying some of the best views in the Northern Territory, you can learn more about the region’s First Nations culture and history.

Have you taken one of these First Nations Northern Territory flight tours? Comment below with your experiences!

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