5 Best Photographers in Darwin – According to Locals

Looking to capture the essence of Darwin through a lens? Look no further. Darwin boasts a talented array of photographers who skillfully capture the city’s unique charm. Whether you’re seeking professional portraits or picture-perfect landscapes of Darwin, these photographers have got you covered. 

Chosen by locals, these are the best photographers in Darwin. 

Darwin city framed by poinciana taken by one of the best photographers in Darwin
Photo by @louisedentonphotography

Louise Denton Photography

Louise incorporates creativity and uniqueness into all of her work. In her work, you will notice her attention to detail and passion. It shows through every picture she takes, ensuring that you get transported into the most epic shot of the NT you have ever seen. 

Approaching each of her shots with enthusiasm, energy and passion, Louise is one of the best photographers in Darwin and strongly believes in loving her photos. Her photographs tell the story of her expeditions, be it the Top End or Central Australia. If you read her blog, you can even map out how she took each photo. Her unique way of drawing you in with her lens is simply phenomenal. You can check out her work on her Instagram and purchase her iconic work from her website. 

Check out more of her work on Instagram.

Joanne Cook Photography

Joanne’s work and dedication to art can be seen in every photo she captures. Her unique way of capturing huge milestones shines through in the results. Each shot captures the relationship you share with your spouse or loved ones in a way that is nothing short of spectacular.

With many years of experience, Joanne is a photographer to be taken into serious consideration when deciding who to pick to capture your family. She is one of the best photographers in Darwin if you want to make your special moments into art – and best believe it is art!

Her personality and ability to draw out a smile even from the most fidgety of kiddos will make you feel at ease, and that is something you need in someone who captures your sacred moments.

Check out more of her work on Instagram.

Darwin Maternity Newborn by one of the best photographers in Darwin Joanne Cook
Take by @joannecookphotography

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family dressed in black and white with forest backdrop photo taken by darwin photographer
Photo by @gem_photographics

GEM Photographics

If you’re looking for a maternity, family and wedding photographer who is always ready to capture those perfect and intimate moments between families, GEM Photographics is one of the best photographers in Darwin to choose. 

She is an award-winning photographer who often works with families. Angelique, GEM’s photographer, is patient and cheerful, ensuring a comfortable shooting environment. She likes to use the natural golden NT light and your connections to create memorable images families can cherish forever.

Angelique is a visual storyteller who enjoys nature as the backdrop to her artistry. Known for her empowerment sessions, Angie, as she likes to be called, is the perfect person to shoot you or your girlfriends. Her shoots are personal, emotional, intimate and authentic. 

Check out more of her work on Instagram.


Under The Same Sun

Karlijn Daemen offers the best family photography in Darwin. She combines empathy and intuition with an incredible ability to capture people’s unique experiences. From a mother’s curiosity, while her baby is in the womb to wondering when she holds the baby, she captures these moments in a playful and raw way that will keep you staring!

She allows her clients to have the best version of themselves in artistic, elegant, natural portraits. A session with her is a fun and uplifting experience that will leave the subject with beautiful portraits.

Check out more of her work on Instagram.

two small kids facing camera with one holding the other
Photo by @karlijntjed
man romantically holding pregnant woman at the beach
Photo by @ellimakphotography

Elli Mak Photography

Elli is a portrait and event photographer in Darwin who focuses on capturing raw and authentic moments in life. Her artistry lies in the moments you might miss but will cherish once captured.

Having discovered her passion for photography at an early age, she has honed her craft. 

She works with clients both in studio and location, allowing you to pick the best place you want to capture your family.

She feels honoured to capture the special moments in your life and be part of your history, which shows in her work!

Check out more of her work on Instagram.

Picking the right photographer for you and your family isn’t easy, so we’ve narrowed down the best photographers in Darwin with the help of locals. Comment below and share if you’ve used one of these local Darwin photographers, or if you have a favourite photographer to add to this list!

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