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Calling all adventurers! We’re excited to announce the new Norther Explorers of the Month for June 2024. Every month, we feature a new set of Norther explorers who have been out there charting new territory, discovering hidden gems, and generally having a blast while doing it. Let’s catch up with last month’s (June) explorers.

1. Litchfield National Park

Behold the mesmerizing beauty of Litchfield National Park, captured through the lens of @newbies_on_the_road. This stunning photo showcases the enchanting waterfall and the crystal-clear waters beneath it, inviting you to dive into nature’s serenity. The vibrant greenery and rugged cliffs create a perfect backdrop, highlighting the untouched splendor of this hidden gem. Don’t miss out on experiencing this breathtaking scene. Check out the photo and give it a like here!


2. Elsey National Park

Dive into the tranquil waters of Elsey National Park, captured beautifully by @cedarnoyes. This serene photo immerses you in the lush greenery and refreshing natural pools, offering a perfect escape into nature’s paradise. The towering palms and crystal-clear water create a scene of pure relaxation and natural beauty. Experience this hidden gem and let the peaceful ambiance wash over you. Check out the photo and give it a like here!


3. Groote Eylandt


Step into the serene beauty of Groote Eylandt, captured by @wenny_pawe. This enchanting photo invites you to explore the pristine shoreline and the tranquil turquoise waters. The calm scene of a family enjoying the natural beauty speaks volumes of the untouched and peaceful environment. Witness the harmony between land and sea, and feel the connection to nature in this idyllic location. Be sure to check out this photo and give it a like here!


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4. West MacDonnell National Park

Explore the breathtaking scenery of West MacDonnell National Park through the lens of @the.windows.of.my.eyes. This stunning photo captures the tranquil beauty of the park’s waterhole, framed by majestic cliffs and lush greenery. The vibrant colors and serene atmosphere invite you to experience the natural wonders of this iconic location. Don’t miss out on this incredible view. Check out the photo and give it a like here!

5. Watarrka National Park

 Witness the serene expanse of Watarrka National Park through the captivating lens of @coelho.lais. This stunning photo showcases the vast, untouched landscape as the sun sets, painting the sky in delicate hues of orange and pink. The tranquil beauty of the scene invites you to experience the quiet majesty of this breathtaking location. Take a moment to immerse yourself in this peaceful vista and show your appreciation by giving the photo a like here!


6. Keep River National Park

Venture into the rugged beauty of Keep River National Park , captured through the lens of @cruisingaroundstraya. This striking photo reveals the unique rock formations and the resilient landscape, showcasing nature’s artistry in every detail. The contrast between the vibrant red rocks and the surrounding vegetation tells a story of resilience and renewal. Take a moment to appreciate this extraordinary scene and give the photo a like here!


7. Finke Gorge National Park

Embark on an adventure at Finke Gorge National Park, with this photo captured by @edgararane. The signage points you towards Kalarranga Lookout and Mpaara Walk, two iconic trails that promise breathtaking views and a connection to the rich natural and cultural heritage of the region. Whether you’re looking for a scenic hike or a peaceful lookout, this park offers it all. Begin your journey and be inspired by the stunning landscapes. Check out the photo and give it a like here!


8. Elcho Island

Stroll along the pristine shores of Elcho Island, beautifully captured by @amyhart1. This serene photo invites you to experience the untouched beauty of the island’s coastline, with its soft sandy beach and clear blue skies. The tranquil waves gently kiss the shore, creating a peaceful and idyllic scene that beckons you to relax and unwind. Take a moment to appreciate this slice of paradise and show your support by giving the photo a like here!


9. Mandorah

Discover the tranquil expanse of Mandorah through the eyes of @thelocalboy05. This captivating photo captures the serene waters and the seemingly endless pier, drawing you into a moment of peaceful reflection. The calm sea meets the sky in a perfect harmony of blues, offering a glimpse into the quiet beauty of this coastal haven. Take a moment to appreciate this stunning scene and give the photo a like here!


10. Limmen National Park

Journey through the rugged landscapes of Limmen National Park with this stunning photo by @gettin.lost.au. The aerial view showcases the impressive rock formations and the expansive wilderness, inviting you to explore the untamed beauty of this remarkable park. The solitary vehicle on the dirt road adds a sense of adventure and discovery to the scene. Experience the thrill of exploring Limmen and show your appreciation by giving the photo a like here!


11. Judbarra National Park

Discover the majestic beauty of Judbarra National Park, captured by @simons3006. This striking photo showcases a grand boab tree standing tall against the clear blue sky, with a rugged vehicle parked nearby, symbolizing the spirit of adventure. The sprawling branches and ancient presence of the boab create a scene of natural wonder and timeless beauty. Take a moment to appreciate this iconic landscape and show your support by giving the photo a like here!


12. Nitmiluk National Park

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Nitmiluk National Park, as captured by @just_livin_oz. This serene photo showcases the refreshing waters and the stunning rock formations, inviting you to explore and unwind in this picturesque location. The gentle waterfall and the tranquil pool create a perfect oasis, offering a moment of peace and connection with nature. Experience the magic of Nitmiluk and give the photo a like here!

13. Darwin


Dive into the refreshing waters of Litchfield National Park with this captivating photo by @4pk_of_nuggets, featured under Darwin We Love You Instagram. The stunning scene showcases the deep, clear pool surrounded by rugged rock formations, inviting you to experience the thrill and beauty of this natural oasis. Feel the cool water and embrace the adventure that awaits. Take a moment to appreciate this amazing location and show your support by giving the photo a like here!


We are so incredibly grateful to all the amazing explorers out there who continue to tag us and share their amazing photos with us!

From beautiful landscapes to breathtaking views, you never cease to amaze us with your creativity and passion for the outdoors. We love seeing your unique perspectives, and it’s an honour to feature your work on our social platforms. Thank you for inspiring us with your incredible talent and for helping us to keep discovering the Northern Territory in all its beauty.

Norther® would like to invite you to explore more about the beauty of the NT here. And… as always you can get more inspiration for other Destinations & National Parks to visit by following @northerhq or get your Darwin daily fix @darwinweloveyou.

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