Common Crow Butterfly Christmas Limmen National Park

On the tenth day of Christmas,

Norther brought to me

the beautiful Common Crow Butterfly 🦋

And a lavish Limmen drive!

Common Crow Butterfly in Limmen National Park

COMMON NAME: Common Crow or Oleander Butterfly


TYPE: Butterfly

DIET: Flowers and Plants

SIZE: The wingspan is about 8–9 cm

The Common Australian Crow Butterfly is also known as the Oleander Butterfly. On the upper side of the Common Crow Butterfly is a dark brown colour with lighter margins. This makes it easy to spot! The margins may vary but are often spots of white, with a larger inner roll that has more definition than the outer one. The male Common Australian Crow Butterflies are shiny black with scattered white marks on their wings. They reflect the dark blue colour under sunlight. Males and females look similar except males are darker than females. (Interesting!)

common crow butterflies resting on a rock in limmen national park northern territory
Common Crow Butterfly in Limmen National Park by @willro55travels on IG.
woman looking up at the rock escarpment in limmen national park northern territory
Limmen National Park by @teeegssss on IG

What does the Common Crow Butterfly Live?

During winter, the Common Crow Butterflies often gather together in masses for protection. They go into a dormant hibernation-like state where they live on their fat reserves or nearby nectar sources until it is warmer. This is why tropical areas in Northern Australia attract them. 

What does the Common Australian Crow Butterfly Eat?

These butterflies are not strong fliers, they only fly a few metres at a time this allows them to feed on a wide range of flowers, and the leaves of other plants. They are nectar lovers and visit flowers unhurriedly. The butterfly prefers bunches of flowers rather than individual flowers. Some have been lucky to get close to these butterflies when they are distracted and searching for food.

The chemicals they produce from their food source is their defence against their predators, birds. They produce a strong scent that deters their predators. When ingested, the toxins can make the predator vomit. (🤢) However, not all birds are sensitive to such toxins. The Common Crow Butterfly also has other common predators and parasites such as spiders, dragonflies, flies and wasps that are not affected by the toxins when eating these butterflies.

Aren’t these delicate butterflies sooooo stunning? Now that you know a few things about them. It’s time to colour it in. Share this with your friends and see who can do the most creative design. Wanna feature your creation on our Instagram? Email us [email protected] and we’ll share the most creative creation on our Instagram page

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Have a Merry Norther Christmas 

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Christmas – Limmen

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Limmen National Park

Perfect for those looking for a unique and remote experience, Limmen National Park has both land and water attractions. Known for its epic Barramundi season, it is a fisherman’s paradise! Limmen National Park is also ideal for birdwatchers and is always popular among anglers. 

Chock full of diverse landscapes, the drives here are a wonder for the eye too. Along the main road, you will experience woodlands, rivers, floodplains and billabongs too. With only one location where you can swim seasonally the other activities often take more precedence. However, Butterfly Springs, the swimming spot is not to be missed as it is the home of the Common Crow Butterfly.

One of the highlights of the Park, Southern Lost City can be experienced via a 2km loop walk that takes you through the awe-inspiring leaning sandstone spires and is only 4km off the main road. Another must-visit is, The Western Lost City and this can be reached via a 28km 4WD track, you will need a key from the Nathan River Ranger Station to get through the gate. Be sure to have plenty of fuel as there is no fuel stop between Roper Bar and Cape Crawford.

lotus flower in a billabong in limmen national park
Limmen National Park by @mine_mei_mei on IG
amazing rock formations in limmen national park northern territory
Limmen National Park by @jan.prik on IG

Accommodation in Limmen National Park


Yes! You can book online. There are several campgrounds Towns River, Butterfly Falls, Limmen River, Southern Lost City, Yurrlmundji, Mountain Creek, Didi Baba and Munbililla (Tomato Island) There are commercial camping facilities close by known as Limmen Bight Fishing Camp and Lorella Springs Wilderness Park. Both of this are great spots and you can enjoy the area too.

When is the Best Time to Visit Limmen National Park?

Limmen National Park is affected by flooding during the wet season. So be sure to check if the park is open before you visit. The best time to visit (and the most comfortable) is in April – August: the dry season

Are your bags packed? Get excited because you know it’s going to be a good one! We would love your feedback on this page – please comment below if you’ve been to Limmen National Park or seen a Common Crow Butterfly?

Norther would like to invite you to explore more about the beauty of Limmen National Park here. And… as always you can get more inspiration for other National Parks & Destinations to visit by following @northerhq or get your Limmen National Park daily fix @limmennationalpark.

*Cover image is by @unveiling_oz on IG. 

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