Northern Territory Camping: The Ultimate Solo Female Travel Guide

Planning a Solo Northern Territory camping trip? We’ve got you covered!

The Northern Territory is where nature lovers go to be in nature and reconnect with all the gifts that Mother Nature gave us. The NT is filled with beautiful camping destinations. It is simply a nature lover’s paradise. If you’re a solo female traveller looking for adventure, we highly recommend exploring this remarkable part of Australia.

woman in blue bathing suit overlooking a waterfall
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Is it safe to explore the Northern Territory as a female solo traveller?

The short answer is: yes (but you will need to take precautions)!

You will have to do some planning and take specific measures to make your experience more enjoyable. A Northern Territory camping trip is worth the effort!

You have several options when exploring this wondrous place. You can join group tours and journey with like-minded people and even make a friend. Or you can go alone.

Whether you prefer exploring off-the-beaten path or touristy areas, you can find great places in the Northern Territory to suit your explorative needs.

We have written this blog for solo travellers who enjoy camping alone.

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Planning for Your Solo Northern Territory Camping Adventure

You need to know several things before your Northern Territory camping trip. Firstly, where are you going? Are you visiting one of the national parks? If you are a first-time solo camper, we recommend researching as much about the area as possible.

Below we will breakdown a packing list of camping basics to make your trip more enjoyable. We’ve also included tips on the best times of year for Northern Territory camping, safety tips for solo female campers, National Park rules and guidelines, and what to do in an emergency.

Need more inspiration? We have several blogs about the NT to help you decide where to explore.


Waterfall, rocks and plants surrounding a waterhole
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Packing List for Camping in the NT

  • It would be best if you had a current and detailed map of the area. You can try the Avenza App.
  • Set pre-arranged times when you can check in with someone via a call or text (if you’re going to have a phone signal). 
  • A lot of water, you will need it as most water in the national parks is not drinkable.
  • Enough food for about two days, including snacks. Be sure to pack a place to collect your trash before you leave it in rubbish bins, as littering is not allowed.
  • A compass in case you need to know where you are.
  • Matches and lighter (get firewood in designated areas only)
  • Water: lots of it; if you are unsure – take more
  • Food: enough for each person for two days
  • Sunscreen!
  • Medical kit with your usual medicines and a fully equipped emergency kit.
  • Clothes: two changes of clothes, one for heat, one for the cold
  • A big torch and a small headlamp too.
  • A hand shovel for bathroom needs.
  • Radio is the best way to know what is happening in the area.
  • Renting a satellite radio or phone.
  • A whistle for emergencies.
  • If you are going to remote areas, a location beacon that does not need to be connected to any service.

Northern Territory Camping - Wet or Dry Season?

Dry Season

During the dry season, the Northern Territory is bursting with activity. Solo travellers, groups or families, you are likely to meet many people on your trip. If this is different from your intention, then there might be better times to explore.

This is when the famous Top End sunsets are at their best. It is a photographer’s dream to explore and capture the NT landscape at this time of the year. 

With temperatures ranging from 21 Celsius to 32 Celsius, this is ideal as these are considered cooler months. You can explore further before the sun gets too hot and seek shelter where you can. 

If you are keen on festivals, this is the time to explore, as the famous Darwin Festival and other festivals will be in full swing.

woman holding brown hat while overlooking water and waterfall
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Wet Season

During this time of the year, from November to April, the NT experiences tropical cyclones, monsoonal rains and thunderstorms which light up the skies in the afternoons, giving you a light show like no other. If you are on a budget, this might be the time to explore as accommodation is cheaper.

This time of the year is ideal as the waterfalls will be in complete pump. One of the more notable places to explore is Litchfield National Park.

The humidity is high during this time of the year, so be prepared for the heat. The locals believe this to be the best time to explore as the land comes alive and the sights change beautifully.

Note – some areas of the Top End may be closed due to flooding. Make sure you check the road conditions before exploring.

Always check the weather!

Weather conditions change drastically despite being either in the wet or dry season. To know the correct type of gear, you will need to check the temperatures day and night. 

Pack accordingly for the specific weather you’ll be camping in. It is always best to prepare for all scenarios. 

Checking the weather also helps to know the daylight hours you have. It is best to leave your campsite early to maximise your daylight hours. It is safer to set up or take down your tent during daylight, especially in undesignated camping locations. 

Arriving early at your campsite ensures you can quickly check your perimeter and get accustomed to the area before nightfall. 

orange outcropping with gray skies
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Best Practices for Solo Camping in the NT as a Female

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Is the Northern Territory safe for solo female travellers? Yes, but you will need to take precautions. 

Here are our Northern Territory camping safety tips:

  • Let someone responsible know your plans and where you will be going. Another way to ensure that people know where you are is to always use a location tracker. Stay in contact by ensuring you are updating people whenever you get a signal and giving them detailed plans of your trip and how long you plan to be out of signal.
  • Do not share your plans or location with anyone online or at your campsite if you do not get a good vibe from them.
  • Sleep with your keys; always ensure your keys are easy to access, and you can drive off if necessary.
  • If you are camping on the ground, put an extra pair of shoes outside your tent and give the impression that there is more than one person in the tent.
  • If you are in a vehicle, lock the doors, cover your windows, and be as lowkey as you can after dark. (you might need to crack a window once or twice for air circulation at night) 

More Safety Tips for Solo Travellers

  • Camp in designated camping areas and avoid unmarked campsites.
  • Keep your phone number and camping location private from people and other tourists.
  • Park close to another vehicle.
  • If you are part of a group and the people are new to you, remember to drink less than you usually do and never leave your drink unattended. It is best to bring your alcohol and only drink yours. 
  • Keep your phone number private. 
  • If people get rowdy, ask for help from the camp host as other camping spots have them. 
  • It is also a good idea to park close to the host to ensure you are safe. 

white car parked next to high cliff terrain
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Edith Falls surrounded by rocky outcrops and green trees in Nitmiluk National Park
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What to Do in an Emergency

Upon entering the national park, write down the ranger station phone number or ask where the EGCs are located. 

Emergency numbers:

  • For life-threatening emergencies, call 000.
  • In floods, storms and cyclones, for 24-hour assistance, call 132500.
  • For general northern region enquiries, call 0889223630.
  • For general southern region enquiries, call 08 8951 9300.
  • For police attendance in an emergency, call 000.
  • For police assistance, call 131 444.
  • For other police contacts, specialist units or remote station contact details, go to the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services website.

Know the Rules & Guidelines

As always, please be respectful of the traditional landowners and be aware of any and all rules. You can check the rules for exploring each of the national parks and destinations in the links below: 
water crashing over rocks with colorful sky
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Ready For a Solo Camping Adventure?

woman looking at waterfall holding hat in blue bathing suit
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Pack your bags, let’s go!

You’ve got your packing essentials, safety tips, and you know the rules and regulations. Now it’s time to plan your next Northern Territory camping getaway! The Northern Territory is a great place to explore, why not enjoy it all on your own?

Are you a solo traveller who has explored the NT? Comment below if you have anything to add!

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