Berry Springs: The Best Swimming Spot Near Darwin

Located near Darwin, Berry Springs has become one of our favourite local freshwater swimming spots! It’s the perfect excursion in Darwin’s dry season.

Read on for our guide on Berry Springs that includes how to get there, when the best time to go, and all the highlights. 

Where Is Berry Springs?

How far is Berry Springs from Darwin? Thankfully, this local gem is just a 40 minute drive south of Darwin. After the short drive, you will be met by the huge pristine spring!

There are three sections to the spring, including a shallow, child-friendly pool.

Important Note: Berry Springs is closed during the wet season.

drone shot of berry springs northern territory with water, platform and tree canopy
@un_professional_travellers on IG
couple at berry springs northern territory with water and trees
@un_professional_travellers on IG

The Best Time to Visit Berry Springs

Berry Springs is open between 8am to 6:30pm, so if you want to get nice photos and have some time on your own, we recommend going nice and early.

The tour buses start rolling in around 9am and then it gets VERY busy until just after lunch time. However, if people don’t worry you, there are plenty of BBQ areas to perch up for lunch.

There’s also a little kiosk that sells delicious homemade mango ice cream and hires out pool noodles for a small fee.


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Top Things to Do at Berry Springs

We recommend bringing a good floaty or pool noodle.  Start at the left-hand side, where the running waterfall will gently push you downstream to the main pool.

The water from the waterfall is beautiful and crystal clear. If you’re lucky, you might see small archer fish and catfish swimming around.

As you go downstream, the water gets a lot deeper and changes to a stunning jade green colour – you can only see the fish life close to the surface here.

Tip: If you get to Berry Springs early, the main pool offers an awesome opportunity to get a cool reflection photo of the jade green water not disturbed by swimmers.


girl from the back at berry springs northern territory with water and trees
@un_professional_travellers on IG
girl swimming with a pool noodle at berry springs northern territory with water and trees
@un_professional_travellers on IG

Berry Springs has become one of our FAVOURITE spots for a swim in the NT, so add it to your itinerary for your next visit to the Top End!

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*Cover image is by @un_professional_travellers on IG.

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