Litchfield National Park Steals the Show in Qantas’ New Video

Litchfield National Park takes the spotlight in Qantas’ latest in-flight safety video for 2024. So, what’s so special about Litchfield National Park?

A Star in Global Travel

Taking centre stage as the unlikely but enchanting star of global travel, Litchfield National Park will be showcased around the world! The best-kept secret of the Northern Territory is finally travelling to iconic destinations such as Hong Kong, Paris, Rome, and New York City.

Amongst the backdrop of other cosmopolitan cities, Litchfield National Park makes its debut by charming audiences with its rugged beauty and hidden natural wonders.

Litchfield National Park proudly claims its moment in the spotlight, encouraging travellers to explore its unspoilt natural beauty. You can picture yourself exploring the park’s dramatic landscapes of tumbling waterfalls, crystal-clear swimming holes, open-air wetlands, and giant termite mounds on an epic adventure.

aerial view of waterfalls at Litchfield National Park
Photo by @alikhanphotos on IG
woman sitting at edge of water overlooking waterfall
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Litchfield’s Epic Adventures

In the comfort of their seat, viewers are transported to Litchfield National Park, where they are hiking through the scenic trails, cooling off under misty waterfalls, or immersing in First Nations history on a guided tour.

Adventurous travellers might even dream of an exhilarating helicopter ride to marvel at the scenery from a birds-eye view.

With endless outback adventures awaiting, Litchfield National Park invites Qantas travellers to explore the hidden treasures of Australia’s Northern Territory.

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Your “Magic Place”

The beloved Australian carrier Qantas released a six-minute version of the video, which will be condensed for onboard viewing.

The video asks Qantas pilots, cabin crew, customer service agents, and frequent flyers to share their “magic place.” Unsurprisingly, the beloved Nothern Territory National Park is a top pick, with its lush green landscapes flashing across the screen.

Wagadagum and Mudburra woman Louise is highlighted first, saying Litchfield National Park is her “magic place.” As she speaks, the camera pans out to reveal stunning aerial views of the park and one of its cascading waterfalls.

“We all have a place that fills our heart and makes us feel safe,” she said.

aerial view of car driving down dirt road at Litchfield National Park
Photo by @woolgoolaoffroad on IG
man with arms stretched out with open landscape at sunset
Photo by @benywhitaker on IG

Why Qantas Chose Litchfield

The safety video highlights other destinations across the globe, as well as Australian favourites such as Ningaloo Reef, Sydney, and Noosa. Each photogenic location serves as a backdrop for demonstrating the airline’s safety protocols. The video was a strategic move for Qantas. Chief customer officer Catriona Laritt emphasised that picking places with the most scenic views was key in capturing passengers’ attention for safety briefings. “First and foremost, the video is about familiarising our customers with safety procedures, and we try to make it as engaging as possible, in particular for regular flyers who might otherwise tune out,” she said. Larritt mentions the pride in featuring Qantas’ well-travelled team members and customers in the new video, delivering the safety message while also promoting travel and tourism. She says it’s designed to “inspire people to explore destinations they may not have experienced throughout Australia and beyond.” The airline will progressively roll the video out with 75 versions in 12 languages. It will replace the Qantas centenary-themed video that has been screening since 2020.

Essential Information for Visiting Litchfield National Park

How to Get There

From Darwin

Litchfield National Park is about a 1.5-2 hour drive along the Stuart Highway. Guided tours, private transfers, and helicopter tours are available, while buses from Darwin take about 2-3 hours. Adventurous travellers may choose to journey to the park by bike.

From Katherine

The driving distance from Katherine to Litchfield National Park is about 125 kilometres, and the estimated driving time is around 1 hour and 45 minutes, depending on traffic and road conditions. Guided tours offer day trips from Katherine to Litchfield National Park.

From Alice Springs

The drive from Alice Springs can take between 12-14 hours, depending on the route you take. There are several tour companies that offer multi-day tours from Alice Springs to Litchfield National Park, often combined with other attractions such as Uluru or Kakadu National Park.


aerial of woman and man sitting on truck
Photo by @Thebrunettenomads on IG
car and trailer next to Litchfield National Park sign
Photo by @dusty_kruiser_travels on IG

Where to Stay in Litchfield

There are several accommodation options available in and around Litchfield National Park to suit different budgets and preferences. You can enjoy the extra space in a homestay or Airbnb, park your camper van at one of the caravan parks, get cozy in a cabin, or sleep under the stars at a campsite. Here are some of our favourite picks for where to stay in Litchfield National Park.

Top Things to Do

Some of the must-see attractions in Litchfield National Park include:

Buley Rockhole – A series of waterfalls and rockholes and a popular swimming spot.
Florence Falls – This waterfall cascades into a plunge pool, while a viewing platform offers panoramic views above it all.
Magnetic Termite Mounds – Hundreds of two-metre-high termite mounds that are up to 100 years old.
Wangi Falls – The most popular attraction in Litchfield National Park, featuring a large plunge pool with shady picnic areas.
Tolmer Falls – A large waterfall that can be seen from an easily accessible viewing platform.

woman standing at edge of rocky outcrop near waterfall
Photo by @tickerofftouring on IG
two women standing at entrance sign to Litchfield National Park
Photo by @official_ace_ramos on IG

Guided Tours in Litchfield National Park

Do you prefer a guided tour to see it all? There are several options, from one day adventures to multi-day journeys. These are the tours we recommend:

Discover the Wonders of Litchfield National Park

The spotlight on Litchfield National Park in Qantas’ latest in-flight safety video for 2024 marks a significant moment for the Northern Territory’s best-kept secret. Audiences around the world will be captivated by its stunning landscapes, enticing adventurous travellers to explore its scenic walking trails, waterfalls and swimming holes, and lush rainforests, as well as the giant termite mounds and rich First Nations heritage.

What makes Litchfield National Park your “magic place”? Let us know in the comments below! 

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