Judbarra National Park: Top 8 Walks & Trails

Judbarra National Park (sometimes called Gregory National Park) is a beautiful state park located in the Northern Territory with spectacular ranges. The National Park offers a peek into First Nations, European, and pastoral history. Judbarra National Park is traditionally owned by the native Ngarinyman, Karrangpurru, Nungali, Malngin, Wardaman, Ngaliwurru, and Bilinara Aboriginal people. The area of the park covers about 13,000 square kilometres, stretching from the tropical region to the semi-arid region of the Northern Territory. 

When is the best time to visit Judbarra National Park?

Visit the park from May to August for the optimal temperature (10°C to 35°C). However, the weather can be warmer and wetter from November through April, but the woodlands are lush and the campgrounds are quiet at this time. 

Where is Judbarra National Park?

Judbarra National Park is located in the midst of the Northern Territory. The park can be accessed from the Victoria Highway from Katherine or Kununurra or via the unsealed Buntine and Buchanan Highways. The park is 231km southwest of Katherine and 544km south of Darwin. From Katherine, it is a 2.5hr drive. For 2km, you’ll be navigating out of Katherine and onto National Highway 1. Continue on National Highway 1 for 229km. From Darwin, the drive is about 5.5 hours long. For about 19km, get on National Highway 1 in Holtze from Tiger Brennan Drive/A15. Then, for 525km, drive on National Highway 1 to Gregory.

Services at Judbarrra National Park

When you get to Judbarra National Park, you will find that the park contains several facilities for visitor use. Fuel, provisions, public telephones, and accommodation are available at Timber Creek, Top Springs, Kalkarindji, and the Victoria River Roadhouse. Timber Creek also offers visitors access to police, banking facilities, vehicle repairs, boat hires, and emergency medical care. 

Judbarra National Park Activities + Things to Do

Judbarra National Park has several walking tracks, fishing spots, 4WD tracks, and camping sites. Make sure to pack your hiking boots before heading to this park. On the eastern side of Judbarra National Park, check out the Escarpment Walk and the Joe Creek Picnic Area and Ngawilbinbin Walk. Along the Victoria Highway, check out the Gregory’s Tree Walk. Down the Bullita Access Road, check out the Calcite Flow Walk and the Limestone Ridge Loop Walk. 

There are also some 4WD driving tracks you can drive on and experience Judbarra National Park. Check out Bullita Stock Route, Humbert Track, Wickham/Gibbie Tracks, Broadarrow Track, Tuwakam Track, and Limestone Gorge.

Judbarra National Park Walk            #1 Escarpment Walk

The walk is a 3km return track that will take you about 1.5hrs to complete. It is graded as a 3, meaning that it is a moderate hike with some steep sections. The hike is situated along the Victoria Highway and is located 2km west of the Victoria River Roadhouse (check it out after your walk). As you walk, uncover the history and culture of the Nungali-Ngaliwurru and Wardaman people. The trek also offers visitors beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Check out this blog for more details.


Judbarra National Park Walk           #2 Joe Creek Picnic Area and Ngawilbinbin Walk

This walk is a 1.7km loop that takes about 1 hour to complete. It is graded as a 4, which means the track is moderate to difficult for inexperienced walkers. This track is also located off the Victoria Highway and is 10km west of the Victoria River Roadhouse. It is accessed via 2km of unsealed 2WD road. The Joe Creek picnic area is hidden in a valley below Livistona-crowded slopes. The Ngawilbinbin Walk leads up a steep slope to the base of the escarpment. At the base of the escarpment, visitors can see and observe Aboriginal paintings and views of Judbarra National Park.

Judbarra National Park Walk           #3 Gregory’s Tree Walk

This walk is relatively short. It is a 500m return track that will take hikers only about 30 minutes to complete. Gregory’s Tree Walk is graded as a 1, which means that it’s a short, easy walk with wheelchair access. This walk is also situated off the Victoria Highway and is 9km west of the Big Horse Creek Campground. Access is via a 3km unsealed 2WD road. Gregory’s Tree is an Aboriginal sacred site and a registered heritage site. At this site, you can read history of the earliest explorers here as well as enjoy unrestricted views of Victoria River. 

Judbarra National Park Walk           #4 Calcite Flow Walk

The Calcite Flow Walk is also extremely short, only being a 600m return track. The track will take you about 30 minutes to complete and is graded as a 2. A 2 means a short, easy walk. This walk is located 14km away from Bullita Homestead, along the Limestone Gorge access road. Fossilised prehistoric life forms called stromatolites feature on this walk with spectacular views of interesting limestone formations. 

Judbarra National Park Walk           #5 Limestone Ridge Loop Walk

This walk is a 1.8km loop that takes visitors about 1 hour to complete. It is graded as a 3, which means it’s a moderate walk. The Limestone Ridge Loop Walk starts at the Limestone Gorge campground and winds through a limestone landscape. Throughout the trek, visitors are met with beautiful views of the East Baines River valley through ridges. 

Judbarra National Park Walk           #6 Bullita Stock Route (4WD)

The Bullita Stock Route is 92km long and takes about 8 hours to complete. This one way track is part of the route used by the Bullita and Humbert River Stations to go to Wyndham. The track is one-way due to the East Baines River crossing in between and the jump up the south east of the Spring Creek Yard that can only be done in one direction. The jumps and river-crossing are moderately difficult, and the remainder of the track is flatter and easier.

Judbarra National Park Walk           #7 Humbert Track (4WD)

The Humbert Track is 62.5km and takes about 6 hours to complete. The track is situated between the Humbert River Station and Bullita Homestead and follows the Fig Tree Creek and Humbert River Valleys. On this track, there is a short walk to Fig Tree Valley lookout that is definitely worth it because of the beautiful views. There is also a walk to the Police Creek Waterhole (also known as Gunturungjawun). This 4WD track is mostly easy, with a few rugged sections along the way. 

Judbarra National Park Walk           #8 Wickham/Gibbie Tracks (4WD)

The Wickham/Gibbie Tracks are 92km long combined and take about 6 hours to complete. The northern section of the Wickham track travels through the hilly country and offers visitors amazing views of open spaces and Spinifex slopes. The hilly northern section is slow and the jump up is moderately difficult. 

Judbarra National Park  Places to Visit

Visit Timber Creek, the Victoria River Roadhouse, and Bullita Homestead. Timber Creek has a range of camping sites and other accommodation and medical assistance. The Victoria River Roadhouse also has camping, accommodation, meals, telephones, fuel, and limited supplies. The Bullita Homestead is a reminder of Judbarra National Park’s pastoral history. Discover the stockyards that are still maintained, surrounded by the Lancewood and Bloodwood trees. 

Judbarra National Park Accommodation + Experience

Inside the park, you can find accommodation at Victoria River Roadhouse Caravan Park, Timber Creek Hotel & Caravan Park, Big Horse Creek Campground, Sullivans Creek Campground, Matt Wilson Lookout & Campground, Bullita Campground, Limestone Gorge Campground, and Lupayi Campground. Standard fees apply to these campgrounds: $3.30 per adult per night, $1.65 per child per night, and $7.70 for a family for a night. 

Some campsites near Judbarra National Park are Spring Creek Yard, Victoria River Ford and Dashwood Crossing, WIRIB Tourism Park, and Lorrngorl Campground. 

Several tours operate within the premises of Judbarra National Park and if you check out our tours page you should be able to find a tour that will meet your adventurous needs!

Judbarra National Park Safety

Carry and drink plenty of water. Wear suitable clothing and footwear. Carry a first aid kit. If you are planning on using a 4WD track, notify a reliable person of your plans and route, as well as your expected return time. A satellite phone or PLB emergency beacon is recommended for this trip. Do not swim in any waterways as saltwater crocodiles inhabit Judbarra National Park. Observe all posted signage. 

We hope you have an amazing time visiting Judbarra National Park! We would love your feedback – please comment below if you’ve been or if you have any questions or suggestions.

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