4 Ways to Pioneer Limmen National Park: Like An Adventurer

 Limmen National Park, although isolated, is a beautiful remote park for visitors to experience. The park is also very popular among 4-wheel-drivers. Be aware, visitors are expected to be completely self-reliant once they enter the park.

1. Explore Limmen National Park’s Spectacular Sandstone Formations

For visitors who desire a remote vacation in a superb landscape, Limmen National Park is the park for you! The park has both land and water attractions, and it has a community of visitors that come there every year to catch barramundi.

The park is also located in the gulf region, which is subject to south-easterly breezes between April and August. An average of 800 mm of rain falls in this region between December and April and causes flooding and closures throughout the region. Limmen National Park has spectacular sandstone formations, several bodies of water, associated wetlands, and rich cultural significance and history.


sandstone formations at limmen national park
guy with his 4wd exploring limmen national park

2. Take Your 4WD to Limmen National Park for an Off-Road Adventure (and how to get there)

Limmen National Park is located 374km southeast of Katherine, 688km southeast of Darwin, and about 65km from Borroloola. It can be accessed from the Stuart Highway via the Roper Highway (a turnoff 10km south of Mataranka). It can also be accessed via the Carpentaria Highway that runs through the Gulf region from the Highway Inn into Queensland. 

From Katherine, the drive is about 6.5 hours. You will spend about 2km navigating out of Katherine. For 285km, take Roper Highway/State Route 20 to Nathan River Road in Limmen. For 90km, drive to your destination using Nathan River Road. 

From Darwin, the drive is about 10 hours, give or take a few minutes. For 19km, get on National Highway 1 in Holtze from Tiger Brennan Drive/A15. Then, follow National Highway 1 to Roper Highway/State Route 20 in Mataranka (410km). Follow Roper Highway/State Route 20 to Nathan River Road in Limmen (259km). 

From Borroloola, head south on Robinson Road toward Broad Street. Then, turn right onto National Route 1. Turn right onto Ryans Bend, and then finally turn right onto Nathan River Road.

3. Explore Limmen National Park while Fishing, Walking and Swimming!

At the park, you can do all of the following activities: swimming, boating, bushwalking, fishing, camping, four-wheel-driving, wildlife spotting, and visiting Aboriginal sites.

While on your visit be sure to not miss out on Western Lost City, Southern Lost City, and Butterfly Falls. Fish at Roper, Towns, and Limmen Bight Rivers.

Where to Fish?

Boat ramps are provided at Towns River, Munbililla, and the commercial Limmen Bight Fishing Camp. There are many lagoons close to the main road that are easily accessible to bird watchers. 

Where to walk?

The Southern Lost City is 35km south of the Nathan River Ranger Station. Once you reach the end of the 4km track, enjoy a 2.5km walk strolling along the rock formations. The Western Lost City is only accessible by a high clearance 4WD vehicle only. The track is about 28km and starts just northwest of the Ranger Station. A code to unlock the access gate is provided on a whiteboard at the Ranger Station. Before you embark on this journey, make sure to sign in and out of the log book near the access gate. Trailers are strongly discouraged.  

Where to swim?

Butterfly Falls is considered the only safe place to swim in Limmen National Park because all of the other bodies of water are inhabited by saltwater crocodiles. Be crocwise! Butterfly Falls is extremely seasonal and can stop flowing in the dry season. Swimmers might not be able to swim all year round at this site.

couple exploring limmen national park
night under the stars at limmen national park

4. Camp Under the Night Time Starry Sky in Limmen National Park

Visitor Facilities

There are no services available for 338km between Roper Bar Park and Store and Cape Crawford. However, limited supplies are available at Limmen Bight Fishing Camp and Lorella Springs Wilderness Camp. Both campsites are commercial. Nathan River Ranger Station has an interactive display that visitors can enjoy. 


Short-term campsites are available across Limmen National Park. These campsites have some facilities and are available at Towns River, Butterfly Falls, Limmen River, Southern Lost City, Yurrlmundji, Mountain Creek, Didi Baba, and Munbililla. Camping fees apply, and campsites must be booked online before you arrive at the campsite.

Limmen Bight Fishing Camp and Lorella Springs Wilderness Park are commercial and located outside of the park. These two commercial sites are also extremely popular.

Safety + General Rules

Make sure your vehicle is well-equipped for your trip to Limmen National Park, and that you have enough fuel for the trip. Keep to designated tracks, and observe all posted signage. Swim ONLY at Butterfly Falls, as other sites in the park might have saltwater crocodiles inhabiting them. Carry and drink plenty of water while in this park, as well as carry a first aid kit. Observe all fishing regulations. Nets, traps, firearms, and chainsaws are not permitted in the park. 

Come visit the lovely Limmen National Park and take a vacation here!

* Cover photo provided by @warrenofthewild on Instagram. 


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