Glen Helen Gorge is one of the popular places in the Red Centre and it lives up to the hype!

Located 132km from Alice Springs, Glen Helen Gorge is one of the highlights along the Red Centre Way. It is a stop you will want to make!

Glen Helen Gorge West MacDonnell National Park northern territory

Glen Helen Gorge Beauty

The Gorge is a mix of towering red sandstone cliffs and water. It is also where the West MacDonnell Ranges part to make way for the ancient Finke River. Therefore, the Gorge is a significant environmental landmark, especially as it is a seasonal habitat for birds as well as nine species of fish that are exclusive to this river. Since it is one of the few permanent sources of water, it serves as a haven for animals during the hot summer months.

While this is a great place to swim, prolonged exposure even during the summer months is not recommended given how cold it can be. You can visit the Gorge anytime of the year however swimming is encouraged in the warm summer months. If you are an avid bird watcher this is also the best time for you to visit and you might even spot a rock wallaby or two.

Where is Glen Helen Gorge?

As part of the famous Larapinta Trail, the Glen Helen Gorge is also connected to Ormiston Gorge through Section 10. This section runs through rolling hills made up of limestone, and is the trail’s shortest section. It is rated Grade 3, which is a moderate difficulty level. The distance between the two landmarks is 9.1km and it takes an adult about 4hrs one way. You can continue from the Finke River Trailhead along Section 11 to Discovery Parks Glen Helen with transfers to and from Ormiston Gorge available by prior arrangement with the lodge.

Staying overnight in Glen Helen Gorge

Yes you can camp here too! However, due to its location in Discovery Parks Glen Helen commercial campground, this camping spot cannot be booked via the NT’s online booking system. Another thing to remember about this remarkable location is that the pictures will be amazing! So remember to pack your drone and apply for permission to use it in the park because the aerial shots will definitely knock your socks off!

Ready to come and explore? Here are a few things to have handy:

  1. Itinerary. (You must know your itinerary and alert a responsible person of your movements.)
  2. Bring water and sunscreen.
  3. Camera gear
  4. Comfortable walking shoes.
glen helen gorge northern territory river between rock escarpments

Now that you are ready, we cannot wait to hear about your adventures!!

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Millicent Rudo Chishambwa

Millicent Rudo Chishambwa

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