Celebrate Your Hen’s Party in Style: Discover Darwin’s Best-Kept Secret, the Tumlaren

So, you’re looking to give your Bestie a legendary send-off. The big question is, where do you go to celebrate? What is the right location to make sure you all have the time of your lives? There are so many unique spots you can use around Darwin, but have you heard of the most legendary location? One that offers a place for you to listen to your fav tunes with great drinks and food; and not to mention the most epic sunset in Australia?

 Look no further than the Tumlaren – the premier venue for hens (bachelorette) parties in Darwin, Australia. This enchanting vessel is steeped in history and provides the perfect setting for a magical night with your closest friends and family.

bride and bridesmaids on the helm of the boat celebrating hen's party on tumlaren darwin harbour cruises

What to expect for your Darwin Hen’s Boat Cruise

Darwin Harbour Cruises offers private events on their two vessels. Both options are phenomenal, depending on the size of your party or event. They also provide packages for these events. The packages are designed for more fun and less fuss… The Darwin Harbour Cruise ethos is simple, creating unforgettable cruises! They want to ensure you have the most fun with a minimum amount of hassle. They have packages meant to save you time and trouble and give you a little more at the hen party, like cocktails or an extra bottle of fizz or two. 
tumlaren hen's party bachelorette darwin harbour cruise employee handing out food to guests on boat

There are two vessels to choose from:

hen's bachelorette party boat darwin harbour cruises northern territory wooden boat tumlaren

Tumlaren Hen’s Boat Cruise

This offers you intimacy as you can only have up to 44 friends on board. This elegantly restored, 20-metre schooner is the perfect venue for your girl’s hen (bachelorette) party! It has space for anything your dreams can cook up. The shaded deck is ideal for conversations and epic photos that will have all tongues wagging around town! Especially with the Top End sunset as your background! The boat has a Wi-Fi sound system, making it easy to plug in your phone and play your Bestie’s favourite songs. 

Tumlaren Hen’s Party Catering Darwin

Their in-house catering allows you to pick the menu of your choice. You can be welcomed by some bubbly and munch on some exotic cheeses as you set sail. For those partial to seafood they have delicious prawns and oysters that can be washed down with Janz or any bubbly of your choice. Whatever your dietary needs, they will cater to you. Their menus are locally sourced, so everyone will have something to look forward to! The great thing about the Tumlaren is you can bring your booze. If this strikes your fancy check out the drinks page; note that they reserve the right to refuse excessive amounts brought along for the cruise.
platter of finger food tumlaren hen's bachelorette party darwin harbour cruises
Couple having Dinner on Charles Darwin Dinner Cruise

The Charles Darwin 

This is option 2!

A stunning tri-level catamaran will be ideal for more significant events. It caters for up to 270 guests across three levels, two of which are air-conditioned. Making it perfect for an intricate theme for your party. The vessel has been operating for 30 years! Cruising in a bit of history and enjoying the harbour sounds like a dream for your Bestie. Depending on your budget, this is an excellent option for a more significant event. You can even separate the spaces and make each deck special! The best part about this is the varying menu options! If you want to spoil your guests, we suggest the premium drinks package!! They will love you for it!

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bride to be darwin tumlaren hen's party bachelorette streamers on boat

Vibe Check: Themes & Games for Darwin’s Best Hen’s Boat Party

After your booking, let’s start with the Vibe. It’s fun to have a theme at your hen’s (bachelorette) party. It will help break the ice and get everyone giddy from the beginning. The activities you choose also set the tone for your celebrations. The best part about Darwin Harbour Cruises is you can select the stage! You can hire the vessel of your choice and customise it to your tastes. Be creative, don’t be afraid to think outside the box, but don’t risk organising something you’re not sure your bestie will love. You can customise the stage an hour before your bride arrives and make it what you want. After that, all you really need is to dress up, take loads of pictures and enjoy the cruise!

bride to be darwin tumlaren hen's party bachelorette bridesmaids hanging streamers on boat
darwin tumlaren hen's party bride and bridesmaid

Hen’s Party Boat Cruise Darwin Music, Games & More

If you’re looking for hens night ideas or hens party ideas in Darwin, the Tumlaren has you covered. You can customise your celebration to suit your preferences, whether that means playing games and quizzes, taking fun photos in the photo booth, or singing your favourite karaoke songs on the vessel’s WI-FI sound system. Whatever you choose, the Tumlaren provides the perfect backdrop for a night you’ll never forget.

Tumlaren Darwin History

But the Tumlaren is more than just a beautiful venue – it’s also a piece of history. With its rich heritage and fascinating story, the Tumlaren adds a unique and special touch to your hens party celebration. Your guests will be amazed by the vessel’s rich history and inspired by its transformation into a premier venue for private events.

Tumlaren Restoration (for Hen’s Parties 😂)

The Tumlaren is a 20-metre schooner vessel built by renowned boat builder Bob Gordon in 1981. Mr. Gordon designed and built the Tumlaren as a scaled-down version of Dick Smith’s vessel that was sailed to Antarctica, which he had also designed. After many years as a personal pleasure and fishing vessel, the Tumlaren was lovingly restored and transformed into the perfect venue for private events, including hens parties.

Tumlaren: Premier Spot for Hen’s Party in Darwin

So why is the Tumlaren the ultimate venue for a hens party in Darwin? First and foremost, it provides a unique and enchanting setting that is sure to impress your guests. With an open-plan deck featuring shaded seating, the Tumlaren provides breathtaking views of Darwin Harbour, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration. You and your guests can enjoy delicious treats and refreshing drinks while taking in the stunning scenery.

tumlaren helm wheel on wooden ship
bride and family on helm of tumlaren as the sun sets darwin harbour cruises

Booking Hen’s Party for Darwin Boat Cruise: Tumlaren

Booking your hens party on the Tumlaren is incredibly easy and stress-free. The team at Darwin Harbour Cruises will work with you to plan and coordinate your celebration, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. And with competitive pricing and flexible packages, the Tumlaren is an affordable and accessible option for any bride-to-be or hens party organiser.

Bridesmaids Secret Weapon: Tumlaren

If you’ve been honoured with the bridesmaid title and must accompany your friend at the altar, there is no more critical task than planning the Best Hen Party Ever! We hope we have equipped you with the right tools and that you have a fantastic time celebrating the bride-to- be on the Tumlaren. Please do provide feedback or get in touch if you want to find out what games were played at this event. The bride here is Dany our CEO and I know she’d be more than excited to help you!

bride and bridesmaids on the helm of the boat celebrating hen's party on tumlaren darwin harbour cruises with heart sunglasses
bride and mother of the bride on tumlaren darwin

Mother of the Bride: Darwin Boat Hen’s Cruise

And let’s not forget about the mother of the bride! Whether you’re the bride-to-be’s mother or a close family friend, the Tumlaren is the perfect place to celebrate this special occasion.  Relax on the open-plan deck with shaded seating, sip on champagne, and soak up the stunning views of Darwin’s coastline all the while with your nearest and dearest. With its elegant design and luxurious amenities, the Tumlaren provides the perfect backdrop for a sophisticated and memorable hen’s party. So why wait? Book your event today and get ready to make some unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate your hens party in Darwin, look no further than the Tumlaren. With its rich history, stunning views, and luxurious amenities, it truly is the perfect venue for an unforgettable celebration. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind with your closest friends, or dance the night away under the stars, the Tumlaren is the ideal location for your special day. Book your hens party on the Tumlaren today and get ready for an unforgettable experience that you and your friends will cherish forever!

champagne cheers with strawberries on tumlaren darwin with sunset

This feature of the Tumlaren was an actual Hen’s party held by the Norther CEO Dany Kelly. If you want to connect with Dany to ask more questions about the event you can reach her here on Instagram. Or if you want to connect directly with the Tumlaren and Darwin Harbour Cruises visit their contact page here

hen's bachelorette group of women on bow of tumlaren celebrating with champagne darwin harbour cruises norther

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