Finke River Track: between Finke Gorge National Park and Watarrka National Park

Where is the Finke River Track?

The Finke River Track is an intense four-wheel drive track. It is meant to be a challenging route and is for experienced four-wheel drivers only. The track sits along the Finke River and is located between Finke Gorge National Park and Watarrka National Park.


How to get to Finke River Track

The Park is 138km (about 2 hours drive) west of Alice Springs. Turn south off Larapinta Drive just west of Hermannsburg. Access along the last 16km of road, which follows the sandy bed of the Finke River, is limited to 4WD vehicles only. Heavy rains may cause this section of the road to be impassable. Commercial tour operators regularly visit the Park from Alice Springs. It finishes at the Ernest Giles Road south of Alice Springs.

What is Finke River Track known for?

The Finke River Track is the scene of the infamous offroad race/sideshow carnival that goes down each year in June.

For the rest of the year, however, it’s just a beautiful outback touring route between Finke Gorge National Park and Watarrka National Park.

Be Prepared

Travelling outback Northern Territory is not for the faint hearted especially when four-wheel driving. Be prepared and be safe by ensuring you have the essentials:

  • First Aid Kit 
  • Basic Personal Essentials (water, food) 
  • Spare Tire, Full Size 
  • Jack and tire iron to change your tire  
  • Tow strap 
  • Tree saver 
  • Come-alongs 
  • Basic Tool Kit 
  • Spare Key for vehicle

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* Cover photo was shot by @lubomber___ on IG. 


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