Nitmiluk National Park: Katherine Gorge & Helicopter Tour

For the past 10 months, my partner and I have been travelling around Australia by campervan, enabling us to see and experience a lot of hidden gems.

Continuing our journey around the top end from Perth to Sydney, we found ourselves in the Northern Territory for a couple of months whilst working in a charming family-owned, casual fine dining restaurant called Kumbidgee, located at the entrance of Nitmiluk National Park.

Never did we imagine to find such beautiful and tranquil spots in the Northern Territory.

man looking out helicopter window over cascading waterfall
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Top Sights in Nitmiluk National Park

Following recommendations to visit the local national park, we saw the stunning Edith Falls, worth every kilometre we drove to get there.

Commencing our hike from the car park, we followed signs and directional arrows for the Leliyn trail.

Our first stop saw a selfie and quick toe dip in the bottom pool, which is more accessible to swimmers who do not want to walk the steep incline to the second.

Catching glimpses of the stunning waterfalls located further up the path, we were highly motivated to continue the walk and discover more of Nitmiluk’s beauty.

The walk from the bottom pool to the top took us half an hour at a steady pace, but bear in mind the soaring temperatures at midday depending on the time of year you visit. Always take into account personal fitness and try to visit when it is cooler to avoid heat exposure and exhaustion.


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Stopping for a short while at the top gave us the opportunity to take in the breathtaking views of the cascading crescendo of waterfalls, the tranquil tinkling of the stream and the blissful bustling of natural wildlife. Even the trip back down to the carpark was sprinkled with gorgeous lookout points highlighting the natural beauty of this unique spot within Nitmiluk National Park.
Photo by @partofmei on IG
aerial view overlooking Katherine gorge with blue skies
Photo by @partofmei on IG

Stunning Views at Katherine Gorge

Following the wet season floods and national guidance that walking routes had been reopened, we decided to visit Katherine Gorge, a short 15-minute drive from our convenient, temporary base. Upon arriving, we realised it was another steep incline to reach the top vantage point: Baruwei lookout.

The views from the lookout highlighted the impressive steep valley sides. We chose to tackle the shortest walk of the ones on offer in an anticlockwise direction, ending at the lookout and heading down the staircase to the car park.

After admiring the rock formations, taking in the incredible panoramic views and listening to the noisy bats, we completed the circuit within 90 minutes, including enough time for photos and breaks to appreciate the scenery with all senses.


Seeing Nitmiluk From Above

Nitmiluk National Park is sure to appease every audience – it offers adventurous activities to pique everyone’s interest: kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, and more.

What’s the most exciting on offer? Helicopter tours.

Conveniently, our hosts had a close working relationship with one of the best tour companies we’ve experienced: Katherine Helicopters.

Not only could we see Nitmiluk National Park from a rare angle, but we were stunned by their knowledge of the area and its history.

We highly recommend experiencing the “high life” with them at least once in your lifetime! It was the bucket-list activity we didn’t realise we needed.

Find your perfect helicopter tour of Nitmiluk by clicking this link here. 


Photo by @partofmei on IG
Waterfall, rocks and plants surrounding a waterhole
Photo by @partofmei on IG

Discovering the Beauty of the Northern Territory

Nitmiluk National Park boasts the best parts of the natural beauty of the Northern Territory, offering its stunning scenery for all to see and appreciate. From kayaking to taking to the skies in a helicopter, Nitmiluk National Park caters to everyone and delivers unforgettable memories all at the same time.  It was the highlight of our trip around Australia and an experience we won’t ever forget.

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