When to visit West MacDonnell National Park

Ideal time to visit West MacDonnell National Park 

One of the most popular questions related to the West Macdonnell Ranges is when is the best time to visit. The ideal time to visit is the months between April and September. This is mainly because the park is at a high risk of flooding the rest of the months due to it being the wet season. However, the West MacDonell National Park remains open during the wet season.

What to pack for each season at West MacDonnell National Park?

The West MacDonnell National Park is located in Australia’s Red Centre, which entails hot summers and cold winters.

Winter in West MacDonnell National Park

The winter months are June to August and they tend to be cold during the day and even colder at night with temperatures dropping to freezing (0°C). Make sure to pack warmer clothes and thick sleeping bags if you choose to camp. You will not need to worry about snow as there are no reports of annual snow in the Red Centre.

Spring in West MacDonnell National Park

September to November is springtime in West MacDonnell National Park. The temperatures increase, however, it still gets chilly in the evening, so make sure to pack a jacket for the evening. The spring season also starts to bring thunderstorms and rain, so stay on the safe side and pack a raincoat.

Summer in West MacDonnell National Park

Moving into the summer season, or the months between December and February. The month of January is the peak of the wet season and is most prone to flooding. During this time it is essential to pack rain clothes and to have backup sleeping accommodation if you are camping in a tent.

No matter what season you chose to visit the West MacDonnell National Park in, it is important to pack lots of water and to check for weather updates before travelling.

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Where do I check if West MacDonnell National Park is flooded?

The best way to check if West MacDonnell National Park is flooded is through the government-run website. Additionally, it is helpful to keep up with the Northern Territory’s Parks and Wildlife Facebook page where they post major updates around all of the Northern Territory’s national parks.

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What can I do if  West MacDonnell National Park is flooded?

If the West MacDonnell National Park is flooded during your visit, turn to the local city of Alice Springs for some fun events and accessible accommodation. Although Alice Springs does not have the same outdoor activities as the West Macdonnell Ranges, you could take a self-guided walk through Alice Springs Desert Park or take a picturesque hot air balloon ride.  Lastly, if you’re looking for tours recommended by Norther® please visit this page or browse other suggested things to do here

We hope you have an amazing time visiting the West MacDonnell Ranges in the National Park! We would love your feedback – please comment below if you’ve been or if you have any questions or suggestions.

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